About The Author

I’m a Stanford alumni. I’ve been dancing for almost 5 years now, and to say all I do with my time is dance is only a small exaggeration.  Sometimes I have meta-musings about social dance, and sometimes I just want to talk, so I created this platform to share my thoughts, and to encourage other’s to join in and share theirs (comment space!)

See you on the dance floor,


PS: Please note that the contents of this blog are my own ideas, and those of my guest authors.  Give credit where credit is due!


1 thought on “About The Author”

  1. Nice writing about dance; I have been enjoying the reading. A few words stick in my mind: Your trying to ‘reign’ in your dance ego — and a beautifully magnificent royal ego it must be. Because I feel that way, too — in waltz especially — I very much like the feel of the phrase. Competent leading brings on a feeling of regal vitality and power, as well as regal-feeling, down-to-earth, real-life connection and delightful courtesy. Ego-inflating it is for me — swimmingly, pleasingly, and, too, mutually heady, a dizzying waltz experience can be. …And what do people do who do not fathom the joys of dance? What do they do, those who do not do dance? In my mind it is shards of fragments of brashly unthinkable mystery — as it seems from your writing to you, too. Thank you very much for the love of dance in your postings; I look forward to more of your writing about dance.

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